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Tailandia es un país paradisiaco y perfecto para practicar nuestro deporte favorito: la escalada. La octava edición de la guía de Kings Climbers es la más completa guía de escalada de este país asiático.
Incluye: mapas y croquis de las playas de Pra-Nang, Ray Lay y Ton Sai, Chong Plee, la isla de Phi Phi, Phang-Nga Bay, Koh Yao Noi y de la provincia de Trang, incluyendo la isla de Lao Liang. La guía también contiene más de mil rutas deportivas a través de 80 áreas diferentes; Escalada en solitario libre en la isla de Krabi y otros destinos turísticos como el centro, el noreste de Tailandia, Laos, Camboya y Malasia.

The King Climbers guidebook describes the limestone rock climbing, sport climbing and deep water soloing (DWS) found around the popular holiday resort of Krabi in Southeast Thailand. Here the limestone cliffs of Thailand's magnificent Phra Nang peninsula are home to the famous Railay and Tonsai rock climbing areas, which are extensively covered.

The guidebook covers over 1,000 routes of which more than 600 have been re-bolted with titanium bolts. A symbol by each route indicates if the bolts are titanium, stainless steel, or even unsafe! Refreshing honesty about bolting safety is always a sign of a good guidebook. All the routes are illustrated on topos with French grades used throughout with text indicating the number of bolts per route. At the start of each area is a location map, a description on how to get there and some general information about the area and the climbing to be found.

As well as Railay and Tonsai at Krabi, the guidebook also covers the rock climbing on Phi Phi Island, Phi Phi Don area, the island of Koh Yao Noi in the Phang Nga bay, and the Trang Province, including Laoliang Island. Brief details on climbing in Central and Northern Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia are also included.

Published in January 2017 (9th Edition) this guidebook is written in English text only, and includes many stunning photographs.

Number of pages is 360.
Size is 150mm x 210mm (A5 format).


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