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France: Haute Provence presents many of the finest sport climbing destinations in the world together in one clear and colourful book. Covering all the best areas from the magnificent walls of Céüse in the north to the impeccable climbing playground of Buoux to the south, this book has a lifetime's worth of climbing waiting on its pages.

Selected to give something for everyone, even a quick glance at the contents of this book proves that there's a huge amount of brilliant climbing to go for whatever one's ability. Whether you're seeking the ultimate physical climbing challenge, or happy to soak in the scenery while enjoying pitch after pitch of flawless rock, expertly bolted all the way to a natural summit, it's all waiting for you.

For climbers in northern Europe looking for a week of winter sun, this is a destination that doesn't necessarily require flying, all the areas covered in this guidebook are no more than an hour away from a train station in a major town.

Presented in the universally praised Rockfax style, the books gives the reader with clear landscape photos of each crag, never-before-seen close-up photo-topos, and a wealth of action photos taken specifically for the book. Whether you're planning your trip from home, or choosing your next route at the crag, this guide has everything you're looking for: from inspiration to perspiration.

Crags included
The linked crags take you to the relevant section of the Rockfax Route Database where you can give feedback on the routes.

Céüse, Sisteron, Volx, Orpierre, Bellecombe (- sample chapter), Baume Rousse, Ubrieux, Saint Julien, Saint Léger, Malaucène, Combe Obscure, Les Dentelles de Montmirail, Venasque, Buoux.

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