KRAKOW 1:8.000 (ITMB)

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Poland is emerging from its 'eastern' era as a vibrant and historic country, full of interesting castles and ancient cities. One of the leading icons of tradition-laden Europe is the medieval cloth centre of Krakow (formerly called Cracow). The city centre of the city is so full of pristine old buildings that the entire centre is a heritage area. The Cloth Hall in the market square is one of the greatest repositories of tapestries in Europe. St. Mary's Cathedral is breath-taking and, when full to the entranceway with worshipers, as it was when I was there, is awe-inspiring. Our map of Krakow, ITMB's third map for Poland, concentrates on the central portion of the city, with a large inset of the central pedestrian area and with a regional inset map showing roads to Auschwitz (now called Oswiecim) and to Katowice. Krakow is also home to the famous 700-year old salt mine complex, Wieliczka, where IMTA held it's famous conference banquet one unforgettable evening.


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