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It's long been acknowledged that Scotland's 'great outdoors' is one of its biggest visitor attractions and that one of the best ways of experiencing its awesome scenery is on a camping, motorhome or caravan holiday. However, there is an extensive range of campsites and caravan parks to choose from, perhaps making the decision over where to stay a more difficult or confusing one.Scotland Campsites and Caravan Parks map is the most comprehensive directory for tent, motor-home and caravan travellers in Scotland, and a practical resource either for those planning to visit Scotland for the first time, or those with some knowledge of the country. Alongside displaying the locations of over official 400 sites, this easy to use touring map provides essential information on the units accepted at each site along with contact details. Other facilities for each site, such as pets allowed, are also noted.The map, which folds to a handy travel size, also features airports, roads, rail and ferry routes and helpfully lists cycle routes, long distance footpaths and national parks for the travellers' convenience. It has a protective cover to withstand weather conditions while in Scotland.This is the 4th edition of the map which may be used as a stand-alone directory or in conjunction with the website which has full, regularly updated details on each site.


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