LAS VEGAS 1:15.000-1:45.000 (ITMB)

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The "Strip'" not only refers to a burlesque dance but to the pedestrian haven in Las Vegas that entrances and titillates millions of visitors every day. The world's largest travel destination is Las Vegas, not London or Paris. That's right, SIN CITY and proud of it, Vegas is one of the modern marvels of total entertainment anywhere in the world - and now ITMB has mapped it as it's never been seen before. Take the Strip, that stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard from the Mandalay Bay to the venerable Lady Luck, and map it - showing each resort, event centre (oops, center), monorail, and hotel. Add in surrounding attractions and shopping areas, and you have the central portion of this great city covered. The other side goes from the western beltway to Nelles air force base and from the city limits south to McCarron Airport, fully indexed. Printed on plastic paper for durability.


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