SENEGAL 1:740.000 & GAMBIA 1:340.000 (ITMB)

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We combined Senegal with Gambia in this edition, but as two completely separate maps - Senegal on one side, and Gambia on the other. During our recent research trip to the two countries, it became obvious to us that the two countries are so inter-linked that it doesn't make sense to show one without the other. This new map has two covers, so the map can be displated Gambia side outwards, or Senegal side outwards. Both maps benefit from improved availability of information, thanks to our visit. Frankly, neither country appears to have progressed significantly over the past 40 years since my first visit, but I'm a cynic. The main east-west highways in both countries are being paved (again) by European countries providing foreign aid (again). No road mainenance camps are being constructed, however. Both countries have created resort communities for oceanside tourism development, which are shown on the map, as well as all road improvement projects we could verify. Both countries are full of smiling people, and are friendly to visitors, but Gambia has police/military check-points every 10 kms or so.
Legend Includes:
Roads by classification, Airports, Gas Station, Bus Station, Hospital, Lighthouse, Point of Interest, Archeologic Site, Information Centre, Embassy, Campsites, Museum, Lodging, Church, Mosque, Ferry, Beach and more.



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